6 Must-See Temples in Bagan with Historical Story Background

Fervent believers in Theravada Buddhism, the Bagan kings and their subjects built over 10,000 stupas throughout their metropolis between the 9th and 13th centuries CE. It couldn't last, however, the Kingdom crumbled under Mongol attack in the 13th century. The temples that remain — only a fifth of the original number — only hint at the riches and grandeur of Bagan's heyday.

10 Must-Try Foods in Myanmar To Truly Experience The Local Life

Myanmar is not often thought of as the culinary capital of South East Asia. Food in Myanmar is delicious and very healthy, with a big variety of curries, soups, snacks and salads. The cooking is strongly influenced by its neighboring countries; Laos, Thailand, China, Bangladesh and India. The great variety of different ethnic groups in the country makes the cooking diverse. As you travel from Yangon, to Bagan to Mandalay you will experience a range of unique and creative dishes as below.

Myanmar's Top 3 Bike Rides

Exploring cities on foot can be exhausting, taxis expensive, and public transportation confusing. There's one device, however, that allows visitors to explore with ease. Myanmar's roads are a wonderland for cycling enthusiasts. The country's tourist industry may be nascent, but for adventurous travelers keen to see historical ruins, beautiful scenery and culturally diverse communities few destinations are better. Grab your helmets as we reveal the most spectacular places to cycle in Myanmar.

Your Temple Hopping Options in Bagan

The soft shades of light shine through the tall, prickly trees, dropping shades of orange and yellow along the dusty road. The warm air breezes past my face as I ride my electric scooter. Traditionally dressed farmers with baskets balancing impossibly atop their heads, push cattle and goats through the fields beside me. In the distance, hundreds of temples dot the horizon. I stop my bike, and close my eyes. The only sound is the odd bleating of a goat or moo from a cow. This place is magical.

How to Spend 24 Hours in Bagan

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is a country shrouded in mystery and spirituality. For generations it has been little known to those from outside the country, but it has since opened up to foreign visitors and is rapidly becoming an exciting and fascinating holiday destination. If you are planning your first visit to this ancient land, be sure not to miss these must-visit attractions in Myanmar.


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